SAMHSA IDIQ Award / Domains II and V / Awarded 8/1/22

SoftDev Earns Spot Among SAMHSA IDIQ Awardees  

Baltimore, MD— August 1, 2022 SoftDev Earns Spot Among SAMHSA IDIQ Awardees 

Expanding into a new agency, SoftDev was awarded as a subcontractor on Domain II: Statistical Projects and Domain V: Technical Assistance and Training Projects. The SAMHSA IDIQ will support the core principles and five priority areas outlined by the SAMHSA Strategic Plan FY2019-FY2023. The five priority areas include:  

  1. Combating the Opioid Crisis through the Expansion of Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Services  
  1. Addressing Serious Mental Illness and Serious Emotional Disturbances  
  1. Advancing Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Services for Substance Use  
  1. Improving Data Collection, Analysis, Dissemination, and Program and Policy Evaluation  
  1. Strengthening Health Practitioner Training and Education  

Under Domain II, SoftDev will expand are existing data expertise by delivering sampling designs and statistical methods; acquisition and development of data; analyses of complex quantitative data; and development, implementation, and testing of quality tools. Domain V will expand SoftDev’s technical assistance portfolio with services including the maintenance of training programs; development of technical assistance and training materials and mechanisms; and the provision of all related services necessary to implement high quality technical assistance.  

SoftDev is honored to support Econometrica, LLC, [make name link to this url:] as our prime on this important contract vehicle, and to utilized data to improve lives through better outcomes in mental and behavioral health.  

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