AQPRPW Named as a FedHealthIT Innovation Award Recipient

SoftDev proudly announces that our CMS / Alignment of Quality Reporting Programs and Websites (AQPRPW) prime effort has been named among FedHealthIT’s list of 6th Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Award winners. The FedHealth IT Innovation award recognizes and honors the Federal Health technology and consulting community by celebrating programs nominated and selected by their peers for driving innovation and results across the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

SoftDev ascribes to the belief that data and tools are meaningless unless provided in an easily digestible and navigable manner. With an eye on modernization and improved Digital Services, CMS also embraces this belief and is seeking to utilize human centered design (HCD) to improve and streamline its suite of Compare Website Tools.  This involves coordination between OC, CCSQ, and a myriad of contractors/stakeholders involved in public reporting of quality measure data. This program is currently in progress moving towards a Spring 2020 release of the new, fully aligned digitally transformed and consolidated Compare Websites and Summer 2020 sunsetting of the current Compare Website suite. The two new Compare tools, through enhanced digital services, will be user-centric with streamlined content and more intuitive interfaces. Beneficiaries will gain greater insights about available options assisting with more informed decisions about their healthcare. Researchers will easily target needed data for more meaningful analyses.  CMS and AQPRPW are furthering the movement to achieve the vision of “One CMS” through digital transformation and greater collaboration and cohesion between OC and CCSQ.  

SoftDev’s CMS CROWNWeb Data Discrepancy Support (CDDS) effort was also named on the 2020 Awardee list. This is the second such award for CDDS.  SoftDev congratulates all FedHealthIT Innovation Award winners. For a full list of awardees, visit 

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