​​SoftDev’s CDO and ESRD Program Director Awarded Spot on FedHealthIT Top 100 List for 2023​

The FedHealthIT100 honors those individuals recognized for driving change and advancement in the Federal Health Information Technology and Consulting Market. Nominated and chosen by their peers, some common themes among those who were selected include the desire and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, to go above and beyond, to drive innovation, and to give back to the larger Federal Health IT and Consulting community. SoftDev’s CDO and ESRD Program Director, Michael Kennedy, PhD, is among those named to this prestigious list for 2023 alongside federal contracting stars such as Col. Bobby Saxon, Deputy Director (Deputy CIO), OIT, CMS; Oki Mek, CISO, Microsoft; and Jeff Grant, Deputy Director of Operations, CCIIO, CMS. 

Dr. Kennedy has been a pillar within the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) community for over 25 years, focused on driving forward excellence in the ESRD Program. He takes on the challenge of asking hard questions, ensuring the quality of the data, and doing what is right for the ESRD community. In his current role supporting the EQRS PRP&A effort, he has personally spearheaded the cleanup of 1M+ clinical records and has ensured delivery of  >200% of expected releases during PI Planning events. He works cross-agency to spread knowledge and spends much of his personal time disseminating best practices supporting ESRD. Dr. Kennedy actively advocates for CMS and the community to do what is right, not what is easy. 

SoftDev is proud to say that Dr. Kennedy’s dedication and impact is unparalleled in the community. His efforts have bettered the lives of ESRD patients, families, and stakeholders for decades. We congratulate Dr. Kennedy and all of the FedHealthIT Top 100. For the full list of honorees, visit https://www.fedhealthit.com/2022/11/the-2023-fedhealthit100/. 

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