About Us

Contract Vehicles

Prime Contract Vehicles

With accessibility to SoftDev as a prime contract holder, we offer customers procurement options. SoftDev is available whether customers are looking for Tier 3 Best-in-Class, Tier 2, or Tier 1 category management options. We have smartly assembled our prime contract vehicle teams to include the right blend of expertise and innovation, making Team SoftDev ready and able.

Subcontractor Contract Vehicles

SoftDev recognizes that being a supportive and valuable collaborator with the right partners is an awesome way of making our increasing the accessibility and availability of our services. We have strategically teamed with well-respected vendors on a number of contract vehicles and stand ready to serve.

How to Partner with Us

We are always interested in new partnerships and collaborations. If you are interested in partnering with us, send us your company’s standard capabilities statement and a contact with whom we can connect. If you have a specific capability you would like to focus on, please send us your general capabilities statement and one tailored to your specific area of interest. We look forward to speaking with you.